Our Services

Below is a description of our financial planning service.  Our highest priorities are confidence in your financial well-being and realization of your financial goals.  

The Financial Planning Process

Doing the right thing with your money involves recognition and discipline.  The financial planning process is a framework that defines your present financial status and provides the structure needed to help achieve your objectives.

Our Financial Planning advisory service includes a written financial plan that:

  •  Summarizes your current financial status
  • Defines, quantifies and prioritizes financial goals
  • Analyzes your unique risk tolerance, cash flow position, asset protection requirements and income tax/estate planning ramifications
  • Recommends steps to align your investments, insurance, tax and estate plan with your financial goals

Initially we work with you to gather and review all of your current financial documents including:

  • Bank, investment, annuity, retirement (401k, Roth, SEP, etc.) and college savings account statements
  • Tax Returns for the previous two years
  • Pay stubs
  • Mortgages, Auto and other loan documents
  • Auto, Home, Umbrella and other property insurance 
  • Employee benefit handbook and/or other Life, Disability and Health Insurance
  • Wills, Directives and other Estate Planning documents
  • Social Security statements

This plan includes our advisors' specific recommendations regarding any or all of the following areas: current financial status, income tax planning, cash flow and debt management, education funding, investment planning, retirement planning, risk management, estate planning, and corporate planning. 

Once your financial plan is fully developed, our advisors will work with you to implement and monitor recommended changes.

Concept of Wealth Management Services:

What is Wealth Management? It's more than investing in the stock market, commodities or even bank CDs. It is a plan created, along with an advisor, to insure that you are optimizing your resources in a wise and efficient manner. Wealth Management takes a holistic approach to incorporate personal goals with Investment planning, risk management, estate planning, and beyond. Using experience and technology, Foster Financial Group advisors can help you capitalize on your dreams of becoming financially independent.

Using experience and technology, Foster Financial Group advisors can help you capitalize on your dreams of becoming financially independent. The essence of comprehensive wealth management is captured in the Venn diagram below. The three major areas of investment planning, advanced planning and life planning, all come together in a central overlap that is true wealth management.

Investment Planning

  • Investment portfolio management.
  • Performance reporting.
  • Cash flow modeling.
  • Asset accumulation strategies.
  • Retirement income planning.
  • Account aggregation.
  • Life event funding goals.

Advanced Planning

  • Estate planning coordination.
  • Tax planning coordination.
  • Business and succession planning.
  • Risk mitigation.

Life Planning

  • Inter-generational needs-based planning.
  • Planning for special needs children.
  • Advice regarding large purchases.
  • Life re-direction issues.
  • Creating philanthropic opportunities.

We feel that true comprehensive wealth management incorporates the above ideas and provides the greatest opportunity for financial success. However, some of our clients feel that they only need our guidance in one or two defined areas, such as investment planning and/or insurance planning. We are glad to work with you however best helps you accomplish your goals.